Monday, June 27, 2011

[Likely Never] Coming to a Stage Near You!

The house lights go down and the curtain is drawn, revealing what appears to be a charming and sunny kitchen on stage. A knock echoes from afar, and a man appears. He wanders through the kitchen and stops center stage, as a voice can be heard from backstage instructing him to make himself at home. He places a wrinkled brown paper bag on the counter and peers into the distance, presumably attempting to identify the source of the voice. He sighs and leans against the counter for a moment, awkwardly, and looks down at his battered sneakers. Abruptly, he pushes away from the counter and paces anxiously around the stage, as if his nerves had whispered to him a reminder as to where he was and why he had come to this house in the first place.

Just as he resolves to leave and find his hostess, the stage goes black. A spotlight shines on the strategically positioned ficus, stage left, whose leaves begin to tremble with anticipation. The stage slowly begins to brighten as the haunting melody of a single sitar fills the air. With the grace and mystique of a charmed cobra dancing from a woven basket, a tall, nattily dressed man emerges from the foliage. “Hello,” he croons to the bewildered houseguest. “I’m Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC. Have a seat.”

And so begins this summer’s hottest new theatrical show, To Catch a Predator: The Musical. Adapted from NBC’s hit investigative reporting docudrama To Catch a Predator, this critically acclaimed production combines the drama of imminent child abuse with the whimsy of musical theater in a style sure to delight even the most skeptical of theater-goers.

Audiences and critics are raving:

“I’ll be singing ‘A Sweaty Six-Pack of Wine Coolers and a Pocketful of Condoms’ and 'This is the First Time I've Ever Done This - I Swear" for weeks! I couldn’t stop dancing in my seat!”

“Chris Hanson’s character's rendition of ‘What were you Thinking?” was spellbinding. It was so sincere, I felt as though he was singing it to me!”

“The ensemble number ’What they do to Kiddie Rapers in Prison’ was brilliantly executed; particularly given the level of difficulty in the acrobatic choreography.”

“I loved ‘The Dance of the SWAT Team’ – so elegant, so simple, so beautiful. It was like watching a ballet.”

“I was so surprised to see the cast of Law and Order: SVU make a cameo on stage I nearly fainted– and when Ice-T joined in with ‘You got Tased, Mother F***ER,’ I knew I was witnessing something truly special.”

“To Catch a Predator should be called To Catch a Tony! Wow!”

Don't wait to be the last to experience this! See it for yourself and be a part of all the buzz!

To Catch a Predator: The Musical… tickets on sale now.

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